Applico Status Board, v1.

Today coworker Linke and I surprise-presented our stealth prototype project experimenting with Panic Software’s recently released Status Board iPad app. In order to drum up internal support for a larger installation, we decided to go rogue and crash the morning company meeting. In a speed-round preso, we gave an overview of the app’s delicious pixels, the process of prototyping using internal data, and ended by unveiling our Applico Status Board frankenstein creation.

As we could only find a few hours here and there over the course of last week, we strung together a few immediately-available technologies: Google Spreadsheet (auto-generates a .CSV file), Google Calendar (powers milestones and notable employee/company dates), as well as Dropbox (hosts some simple HTML and images).

UPDATE: I wrote a lengthy post around the motivations and experience of this project.